Also known as exchanges, camps, parties, events, socials.

Types of events Edit

  • Social dances: commonly weekly meetups, sometimes with live bands
  • Dance Exchanges: commonly weekend events with emphasis on social dancing. Usually have few or no competitions, and more likely to have live bands, late night and afternoon dances in addition to evening dances.
  • Workshops:
  • Camps:

External Resources Edit

Lindy Hop Edit

  • Alamo Stomp: San Antonio, TX
  • Albany Lindy Blues and Swimming
  • Austin Lindy Exchange: Austin, TX
  • Atlanta Lindy Exchange
  • Boston Tea Party
  • Camp Hollywood
  • Camp Jitterbug: Seattle, WA
  • Camp Swing-It: Korea
  • Canadian Swing Championships: Quebec
  • Cat's Corner Exchange: Montreal, QC
  • CHEX: Charleston Lindy Exchange
  • Dayton Swing Smackdown: Miamisburg, OH
  • DC Lindy Exchange: Washington, DC
  • Dig 'Tha Feet: Montreal, QC
  • Fleur de Lindy: New Orleans
  • Fog City Stomp: San Francisco, CA
  • Greenwood Swingout
  • Hot Rhythm Holiday: Austin, Texas
  • Houston Jazz Dance Festival
  • Inspiration Weekend: Fullerton, CA
  • International Lindy Hop Championships: Washington, DC
  • Kind of a Big Deal Weekend: Boston, MA
  • Lil' Rhody, Big Swing Out!: formerly Dirty Dozen Weekend
  • Lindy Bout: Vancouver, BC
  • Lindyfest: Houston, TX
  • Lindy Focus: Asheville, NC
  • Lindy on the Rocks: Denver, CO
  • Midwest Lindy Fest
  • Orlando Lindy Exchange
  • O-town Showdown: Ottawa, ON
  • PLEX (Prairie Lindy Exchange)
  • Rhythm City Mess Around: Vancouver, BC
  • River City Mess Around: St. Louis, MO
  • Salt Lake City Lindy Con: Salt Lake City, UT
  • Savoy Cup: France
  • School of Hard Knox: Knoxville
  • Seattle Lindy Extravaganza (formerly Seattle Lindy Exchange)
  • Second City Swingout: Chicago, IL
  • Snowball: Stockholm, Sweden
  • SparX: Cleveland, OH
  • Sundance Swing Out: Fort Worth, TX
  • Sunflower Swing

Balboa Edit

  • All Balboa Weekend: Cleveland, OH
  • Balast Off!
  • Balhalla: Baltimore, MD
  • Bal Week: New York
  • California Balboa Classic (CalBal)
  • Great Lakes Balboa Escape: Chicago, IL
  • I Heart Balboa: Virginia
  • Jingle Bal: Cincinnati, OH
  • Northwest Balboa Festival
  • Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout
  • Tinkerbal: Boston, MA
  • Toronto Toss-out/Montreal Come-Around

Blues Edit

  • BluesGeek: Nashville, TN
  • Blues 'n Soul: Orlando, FL
  • BluesShout!
  • Blues with Friends: St. Louis
  • Brickyard Blues: Atlanta, GA
  • CUBE (Chicago Underground Blues Exchange)
  • Dirt Cheap Blues Exchange
  • Mile High Blues
  • Red Hot Blues and BBQ
  • Snowbound Blues
  • Steel City Blues Festival
  • Sweet Molasses

Solo Jazz Edit

  • Emerald City Solo Jam: Redmond, WA
  • Stompology