Swing DJs are professionals who play pre-recorded music at swing dances for swing dancers. They often gauge the energy and mood of the crowd to encourage dancers to keep dancing while keeping dancers on the floor. A block of music from one DJ is generally referred to as one set - DJs may play for an entire dance, or there may a be switch to another DJ, ending one set and starting another. During events, breaks such as the transition between the evening dance and the late-night dance, or announcements and/or competitions, may also consitute the start of a different set even if the DJ is unchanged. In rarer occasions, two (or more) DJs may share a set, for example, the DJs alternating playing songs. Swing DJs may also select music for certain styles of competition where the competitors do not provide their own music - they may play the first portion of songs for the preliminary rounds, or may have to select appropriately phrased and length songs for finals. Many traveling international instructors are also DJs, but events (especially larger events) will often have dedicated DJs for music.

Swing DJs Edit

  • Gabrielle Kern (Montreal, Quebec): Blues, Swing
  • Jerry Almonte (Washington, DC): Swing. See also Swing Dance Photographers
  • Jessika Duquette (Montreal, Quebec): Swing
  • Meghan Gilmore (Montreal, Quebec): Swing
  • Ryan Swift: Swing. See also the Track podcast.
  • Tanya Teal (Montreal, Quebec): Blues, Swing