Swing Dances Edit

"Swing dancing" is actually a large family of dances.

Swing Line Dances Edit

  • Wikipedia:Shim Sham
    • Al and Leon Shim Sham
    • Dean Collins Shim Sham
    • Hat Trick Shim Sham
    • Music: Tuxedo Junction, Tain't what you do (Jimmie Lunceford)
  • Wikipedia:Tranky Doo
    • Music: Dipsy Doodle (East Coast), Gangbusters (Vancouver), Tuxedo Junction.
  • Big Apple: Frankie's choreography from Keep Punching
    • Music: The Big Apple Contest. Swingmatism, Solomon Douglas Swingtet. (Transcribed/recreated by Solomon Douglas from the movie for swing dancers)
    • What's Old Is New: discussion of the costumes in Keep Punching (Lindyshopper)
  • Doin' the Jive: by Kelly Porter, Joshua Welter and Michael Faltesek
    • Music: "Doin' the Jive" by the Careless Lovers
  • Jitterbug Stroll: by Ryan François
  • Wiggles Routine: Rebecca Brightly
    • Music: "Wallingford Wiggles" by Glenn Crytzer Syncopaters' (Harlem Mad)
  • (Mama Lou's) Stew
    • Music: Jumpin' at the Woodside
  • Trickeration: used by Norma Miller for auditions

Swing Choreographies Edit

  • California Routine
  • Frankie Chorus

Dances Related to Swing Dancing Edit

  • Wikipedia:Blues dance (not technically swing dancing, but is part of the swing culture)
  • Country Swing, Western Swing
  • New York Hustle
  • Boogie Woogie
  • Jive (Europe)
  • Jive (Quebec, Canada)
  • Jive (Ballroom dance)
  • LeRoc (Ceroc), (Modern) Rock and Roll: France, London?
  • Wikipedia:West Coast Swing (WCS) (evolved out of Lindy Hop, danced to non-swing music)
  • Wikipedia:Carolina Shag
  • DC Hand dancing (Washington DC)
  • Skip Jive: London, 50's and 60's
  • The Imperial, St. Louis Imperial Swing Dancing
  • Push and Whip: Texas swing dance
  • Swango: Swing/Tango Fusion
  • Swing/Hip Hop Fusion
  • Acrobatic Rock and Roll

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