Cat's Corner is a Swing Dance school in Montreal, Quebec founded by Fred Ngo in 1998. It is currently owned by Debbie Carmen, and teaches classes every day of the week, covering lindy hop, blues, balboa, charleston. It is currently has a permanent location on third floor of 3451 St-Laurent Street. The space consists of a large studio and two smaller studios, as well as an office space and couches/social area.

It hosts the weekly Friday night social dance, hosted in the large studio. There is a 1 hour beginner lesson at 8:30pm as well as a 45 minute intermediate lesson at 8:45pm. The first Friday of the month is a Balboa night, where the small studio will play faster music appropriate for balboa dancing. The weekly dances do not generally allow alcohol - there is a vending machine that cells juice and Gatorade. Wednesdays from 5pm to 7pm is an open practice, with swing music played and a lindy hop teacher available to answer questions. Sundays from 5pm to 7pm is an open balboa practice, again with swing music appropriate for balboa and a teacher for questions.

There are generally several classes held every day of the week. On weekdays, classes generally start at 7pm and 8:30pm. Classes usually run on as six-week lesson series, with each class being 90 minutes. Lindy hop classes are progressive from Swing 1 through Swing 6, with Swing 7 and Swing U being offered sometimes for more advanced students. Blues classes are divided into Blues 1a (Intro to Jukin') and Blues 1b (Intro to Blues Ballroomin') as the first tier of classes, and then Blues 3a, 3b and 3c as a second tier of classes, with Blues 6 or Blues U sometimes offered for advanced students.

Cat's Corner hosts the annual Cat's Corner Exchange (CCX), a lindy hop, blues and balboa dance exchange over the Friday through Sunday of Hallowe'en weekend.